Thursday, August 31, 2006

A New Louisiana

I'm starting this blog to talk about what I want to call the New Louisiana. A state where the environment is more important, where economic populism is balanced with concern for the economy and small business owners, and an immediate multi-billion dollar coastal restpration project is among our immediate concerns. Moderates should have more power here, and we should work hard to turn Conservatives over to the center.

My main concern is getting things done for the state, making it a better place for all of us to live in. I want to make sure that the environment is protected, that we slashed our corruption and do our best to cut back crime, as well as improve our standing in education.

We need to improve roads, help the farmers and hundreds of thousands of people living in poverty. I think that with the proper mix of progressive taxation, and a fiscally responsible budget, all of this is more than possible.

For the readers of this blog, I think that it is important for you to know that I am a Democrat, and consider myself fairly liberal on Environmental and Economic issues. I tend to be more conservative on Social Issues, which I will talk extensively about in future posts. Welcome, and i hope you become a regular reader.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I found this blog through a comment you left on DailyKos. Everyone there seems to think Blanco is finished, and you're the first I noticed who didn't. I've always liked and admired Blanco. However, I thought Katrina might be the end of her political career.

Then I read The Great Deluge and Breach of Faith. Have you read them? After that, I realized that Bush allowed people to die in NO for purely political reasons. The Republicans see the South as their territory, and this southern state with a Democratic Governor was a prime target. It was a political decision not to provide any help that might make her look good. When Bush realized he was suffering politically from his lack of response, they began an orchestrated attempt to blame it all on Governor Blanco. She was so busy trying to save her state, she didn't worry about it at the time.

My goal next year is to show Bush what happens when you play politics with people's lives - and to do everything I can to help Blanco get reelected. I hope you will help too.

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